Art in Crisis, Oxford

In 2017, Crisis, the national charity for homeless people, marked its 50th year with a photographic project which took place across its 11 Skylight centres in the UK.


In Oxford, I worked with Crisis members to create a public exhibition of their photographs under the theme of 'What If' which examined their experiences of homelessness​​, their past, present and future. The project took place over 11 weeks with weekly classes on photographic techniques in order to provide the Crisis members with the skills to illustrate their ideas. The images were then printed in large format and displayed on hoarding around the site of the new Westgate shopping centre

Loughegar, Ireland​

​​This aim of this project was to create a visually engaging artwork for the foyer of a new primary school in rural Ireland. The project began as a series of photographic workshops for staff and students who learned practical skills and created a series of over 1,000 digital images which were then used to create a photo mosaic.

The collaborative nature of the project meant that staff, students and the local community got actively involved in the creation of the artwork. The final mosaic and additional timeline that became a by-product of the project reflect the history, environment and local character of the immediate area.

Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre, Oxford

This public art project was aimed at improving the visual effect in the two main corridors of the new hospital wing through the installation of a series of large-scale abstract photographic images printed and mounted on aluminium.

The exact nature of the images was determined by conversations with staff and patients, offering hospital users a chance to be involved in the creation of the artwork, anchoring it in its surroundings. The images took everyday recollections and elevated them to a permanent visual display to evoke the intrinsic value that is often not recognised in the rush of daily life.

Poetry Illustration​


​​In collaboration with local writers' groups working on Haiku poetry (a Japanese form of poem written with 17 syllables in three lines of five, seven and five) we created a book of postcards featuring their work illustrated with my photographs. Brass plaques were then installed in rural locations close to where they were written for them to be 'found' in situ.

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