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I'm an Oxford-based freelance travel writer, editor and photographer with over 20 years’ experience creating engaging, multi-channel communications for international publishers, marketing agencies and non-profits. I provide high-quality copywriting and content production, and strategy advice and development on travel, culture, food, lifestyle, sustainability and the third sector.


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I've worked on over 40 Lonely Planet guides and reference titles over the years getting a baptism of fire in Sumatra on my first trip and then continuing on to inspect hotel rooms, research bus timetables and pound the streets across Iceland, Greenland, Ireland, Wales, Britain, Morocco and Germany in the process.



With over 20 years experience creating engaging and well optimised print and web content for international publishers, I can adapt my writing to your audience, house style and brand, drive traffic to your site and create digital content that gives your business credibility. Alternatively, I can proof, edit and optimise your work for you to pass off as your own.

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I've travelled around the globe writing and taking photographs for various magazines and newspapers as well as providing digital content on a host of destinations and topics for Lonely Planet, BBC Travel, CNN, The Telegraph and the Irish Times.


I can help you to plan your communications effectively, writing content that engages communities and execute social media campaigns to help get you noticed. I can assist with brand partnerships, direct marketing material and advertising copy or write directly for your customers to inform, entertain or inspire.    


Etain O'Carroll

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